Pinnacle Webinar's advantage

A webinar is a method of conducting a meeting, presentation or training session over the Internet. Instead of traveling to an office or business for formal meetings, your computer becomes the conference room. WEBiNAR offer several advantages for employers, investors, large businesses and any other entities that need to communicate remotely with large groups of people.

Cost Efficiency

Conducting a webinar is more cost-effective than having in-person meetings.


Webinars are a convenient way to reach a large amount of people without physically meeting with them.


Another advantage of a webinar is that it provides information that can be saved and retrieved at a later date.

Pinnacle makes the meeting easier by providing our customers with customerised meeting sulotions to reach global audiences through online event experiences. Founded in 2010, we re-invented the physical tradeshow by placing it online, making virtual tradeshows mainstream. With years of experience, our focus has always been on our customers and making sure together we deliver the best in class virtual events for marketing, sales, training and corporate communications.

On-site Multi-Cam Production Service

We offer multi-camera video production services in the field with live switching. Our team can provide cameras, equipment, and crew.

Prior to Event Creation

6 weeks prior to the webinar, ads are placed with link to registeration system. Other Prior to event creation works includes create webinar page, newsletter, Setup social links, email alearts etc.